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Lightweight Concrete

A unique concrete that can provide high compressive strength for the lowest weights. One of BATIFORT's specialty products.

Premix Screed

A new flooring technology, a self-leveling screed that surpasses any other in the market by its unique advantages.


Membranes that are laid on any type of surfaces, preferably in combination with lightweight concrete to create liquid containers and controlled drainage systems.


A mineral fiber and cement mix that acts as a passive fire protection for all types of structures. Ideal for adherence to heat and fire hazards safety regulations.


A cement that allows decoration of internal walls and facades. It has the main characteristic of being non porous and hydrophobic.

Oil & Gas Fireproofing

A range of products for passive fire protection of all types of Oil & Gas structures. It is ideal for adherence to high standards of heat and fire hazards safety regulations.