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Oil & Gas Fireproofing

BATIFORT has a range of products for passive fire protection of all types of Oil & Gas structures, ideal for adherence to high standards of heat and fire hazards safety regulations.

- Machinery, ducts, valves, pipelines, furnaces, tanks, cables
- Any material: steel, concrete, plastics etc.
- Chemical resistant coatings for floors, walls, etc.


- Best European technology certified and approved by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment and European regulations
- Most efficient thermal insulation
- Up to 4 hours of insulation, variable according to requirements
- Quick application and easy maintenance
- Guaranteed results
- Proven technology: applied on refineries, platforms, gas plants, etc. ; in Germany, Norway, Kazakhstan, etc.

Oil & Gas Fireproofing
Oil & Gas Fireproofing